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Soccer for Everyone


  • Inclusive, affordable, convenient, educational, positive soccer programs for children made available year round in the Valley, while honoring, supporting and encouraging the fact that families have many healthy activities in which they are involved

  • Provide education on the sport of soccer and our mission to parents and coach/volunteers

  • Encourage proper positive adult support as spectators and supporters


  • Encouraging maximum and consistent year round touches on the ball without interfering in other seasonal activities

  • Having healthy fun learning about soccer to create a life long love of the game.

  • Coaches view soccer and players through the following four lenses:

         1) Physical- Strength, stamina, speed, etc.

         2) Psychological- How do we handle adversity and success and relating to others,                        ourselves and the game

        3)Tactical- Decisions on and off the ball

        4)Technical-Skills of the game.

        - Dribbling, Passing, Defending, Finishing, Goalkeeping

  • United will primarily focus on opportunities to enhance technique with fun training games and maximum free play.

  • Youth Players in the U.S. need better technique and better in game creativity and the simple way to do that is to make soccer quickly and easily  accessible for parents and kids.

  • Soccer is a game where players get to problem solve during the match. It is player centered, not coach centered.